Special prices

If a sufficient number of participants will use the same hotel, we will be able to get special discount. 

Please contact us for special prices, suggesting your preference on accomodation (next to the workshop site or downtown) or on hotel.

Nearest Hotel

The following hotels are the best choice if you want to optimize your time, since they area next to the 15th Radiance Workshop location (the first is the next building, the second is 1 km far away on the same street).

Hotel Tulip Inn Padova
   Corso Stati Uniti, 54 - 35127 Padova (PD)
   Phone: +39 049 698 8313
   [Price: 50-60 €/night]

Hotel Ibis Padova
    Corso Stati Uniti, 14/B - 35127 Padova (PD)
    Phone: +39 049 761900
    [Price: 50-60 €/night]

Padua Downtown

The following hotels are in Padova downtown, so you can choose these if you want to enjoy the city during the workshop.

Casa Del Pellegrino
    Via Melchiorre Cesarotti, 21 - 35123 Padova (PD)
    Phone: +39 049 8239711
    [Price: 45-75 €/night]

 Hotel Donatello
    Via Del Santo - 35123 Padova (PD)
    Phone: +39 049 8750634
    [Price: 80-120 €/night]

NH Mantegna
    Via Tommaseo, 61 - 35131 Padova (PD)
    Phone: +39 049 849 4111
    [Price: 80-120 €/night]

Hotel MajesticToscanelli
    Via dell'Arco, 2 -  35122 Padova (PD)
    Phone: +39 049 66 32 44
    [Price: 99-149 €/night]

Suggested Accomodation Map